Monday, October 19, 2009

psychology thesis!!!!

I like this video because many tragedies happen to our county but we can see the kind hearts that filipino have. In this situation we experience and felt the concerned and care of each other. and we also saw the nature of filipino people called "bayanihan".

I hate this video because it shows the consequences of our action. this is the price that we need to pay,for having no dicipline and distoying our nature. we forgot that the world is not ours. and because of this our mother nature payed back. I felt sorry for the all victims most specially to all children who suffer trauma.

relation to psychology...
we all know that typhoon ondoy was a very traumatic disaster happened to our county. in relation to psychology it is very obvious that it has the greatest impact to the people and also affects their mental processes and behaviors where it depend people suffer trauma cause b the typhoon.These experiences can result in actions on the part of the traumatized person that are totally out of character for them. These symptoms can often begin to interfere with daily functioning to a serious and debilitating rate.